Retunda Market Place

Retunda Market Place

Enjoy huge Discounts when you purchase goods on Retunda Market Place with RPX. Retunda is part of RPX Ecosystem that enables both rural and urban consumers to enjoy the same selection of goods and services at affordable rates facilitating purchases using fiat and Digital assets.


Helping children to achieve their Financial fitness, good financial habits & learning the principles of finance through cryptocurrency. This is part of an innovative cryptocurrency RPX that is committed to providing children with the opportunity to invest and learn about the emerging world of digital currency, in the most entertaining and enjoyable way possible!

Rathex Exchange

Rathex exchange helps communities to be part of the digital payment revolution. Rathex has a widespread global digital community powered by our Utility wallet users, who do payments in their day–to-day life using digital currencies.

Itumiro Logistics

Itumiro Logistics is a tech driven company powered by RPX enabling rural & urban consumers of reliable & fast logistic services.Itumiro is a tech-driven logistics services company that is part of the RPX ecosystem powered by RPX that enables both rural and urban consumers to enjoy the same selection of logistics services that are affordable, reliable, fast and seamlessly.

RPX Whitepaper

Making Digital Payments a Reality

RPX is a BEP20 utility token that powers the Rathepay platform, a global decentralized network with state-of-the art blockchain technology which makes the future of digital payments a reality. The platform has been designed to bridge the gap between Use of digital assets and Fiat RPX allows people to use Digital assets in their day to day life like purchase of airtime, payment of utilities, send money to mobile or Bank and Tap to Pay at different vendor points.