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Pay your way with Rathepay

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Rathepay gives you the freedom to receive payments from supported cryptocurrencies and to move the coins to fiat or mobile money in any way you want.


Shop with Rathepaycoin and spend your RPX at various vendors, retailers and services.

Pay Bills

Use supported cryptocurrencies to pay utility bills like water, electricity tokens, Dstv, Shop online and top up airtime in any country. We have endless options for you.



We offer a platform that facilitates the withdraw of supported digital assets in form of fiat any amount, anytime, anywhere.


RPX is easy to buy or receive online, from friends, or at agents point near you. You can also buy RPX through the app if you’re a verified customer. Some exchanges also currently support the purchase and sale of RPX.

Intuitive UI

Our wallet has been designed with the latest material design technology for an enjoyable user experience.

Track Coins & Currencies with Analytics

Instant access to analytics & charts for various currencies and assets, all within the Rathepay Wallet. We encourage analysis and learning through this application.


Store, Withdraw, Send, and Spend Your Funds Easily

Send funds around the globe or exchange various currencies all within the Rathepay wallet. Whether you need to send money to your grandmother in Africa or feel like holding some US Dollars , Canadian Dollars, Rathepay wallet can do it all!


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DISCLAIMER: Rathepay described on this website, including provisions of the White Paper and the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (“Terms”) have not been, and will not be, registered as Securities. Accordingly, the Rathepaycoins are being offered and to persons as a digital asset investment. No action has been taken in any jurisdiction to prevent a public offering of the Rathepay coins. To be eligible to participate in the offering of the Rathepay coins, you will be required to represent to Rathepay details of your identity as prescribed in our KYC regulations. A purchase of Rathepaycoins involves a degree of risk, volatility and illiquidity. These risks have been mitigated in the value proposition of our offering. A prospective purchaser should review the information provided on the site and in the proposition to consider whether an investment is suitable to the purchaser’s financial situation and goals. Purchasers should consider the purchase objectives, risks, charges and expenses before buying Rathepaycoins.