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Rathepay VISA CARD

Rathepaycoin debit Digital -Visa card allows customers to seamlessly spend their crypto or fiat currency worldwide. The range of supported currencies underpins multiple use cases: a primary payment card, a travel card, and a solution for numerous crypto-based remittances. Our Digital card enables one to spend your crypto instantly

A Visa debit card that makes crypto as spendable as the money in your bank, powered by your Rathepay account balance.

Benefits of our Visa Card

1. Worldwide Usage

Use in millions of locations around the world. Pay with contactless PIN or withdraw cash from any ATM.

2. Secure

We apply Two-Factor verification, instant card freeze and plenty more to keep your card secure.

3. Select & Pay

Choose which crypto or Fiat to pay with through our multicurrency app. It takes just a few seconds to switch between USD, EURO, Rathepaycoin, bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

4. Manage Every Spend

Spending summaries, transaction receipts, and instant notifications. The Rathepay App makes it easy to manage your spend on the go.


Rathepay Finance

Rathepay Finance will increase SMEs and individual survival by eliminating barriers to financial services through offering crypto-backed loans to eligible customers using their digital assets as collateral. Rathepay will provide the best possible offer via our digital platform whose strength is in community engagement on the Rathepay platform.

This program is designed to achieve the following

1. Access

Closing the gap that exists between Individuals, SMEs and financial service providers by increasing access to the financial services through our ecosystem.

2. Cost

Streamlining the process of doing business in Africa so as to reduce the cost of doing business. Transactions will be fast, secure and very affordable.

3. Digital collateral

Use of Rathepay Coin as a holder of value which can be used as collateral to secure funding from our ecosystem. The holders of Rathepaycoin will be able to increase their credit rating in the market by building their credit history on our platform. This will boost their ability to secure additional loans in the future, and will also determine their ability to earn larger repayment rewards.


Rathepay Mobile

Rathepay enables mobile money agents in the world to use our APP as their agent platform to sell airtime, data, electricity, pay for water, school fees, TV, and more. Consumers come to the agent with cash to purchase an item, these agents buy Rathepaycoin in bulk and make purchases with Rathepaycoin on behalf of the consumer.

They do this because they get better rates with no fees and earn Rathepaycoin rewards in the Rathepay app for transacting. No matter the case, these agents are driving real growth and value for Rathepay ecosystem.


Spend Card

Sign Up

Sign up for a Rathepay Wallet and complete verification within the app. Once your identification has been verified Get a Spend card


Load your Digital Wallet with funds using any supported currency and method you prefer.


When you receive the card, sign in to your Rathepay wallet and link your card within your wallet.


Activate any currency within the Rathepay wallet and start spending anywhere Visa® cards are accepted.

Store, Withdraw, Send, and Spend Your Funds Easily

Send funds around the globe or exchange various currencies all within the Rathepay wallet. Whether you need to send money to your grandmother in Africa or feel like holding some US Dollars , Canadian Dollars, the Rathepay wallet can do it all!


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