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Rathepay APIs

Build powerful, affordable highly customizable payment solutions with our robust APIs and SDK designed to give powerful applications that allow you to easily launch profitable services now and in the future. We power you to build for today, tomorrow and the future by coding in any language, on any device, keeping you with cutting-edge innovations as we evolve our platform to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Open APIs

We enable companies to rapidly build and scale financial products by bringing together blockchain technology, multi-currency distributed ledgers, with strategic partners

Secure API

Connecting to Rathepay SDK gives you a complete access to run your application. Check out the API Library .

Advantages of our APIs

Easy to build & extend

Our API is well documented and is continuously being expanded to enables easy future product extension on your terms which makes launching easy.

Vision Customized

We allow you to design the best experience for your platform. You own the experience from end to end.

Integrate & scale quickly

Get to market fast and scale profitably with our platform using new revenues to create innovative product hooks that drive even more user growth.

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